Online mit Adima & Sudeva

Skype Consultation


1. Ask for an appointment by email and send us your Skype name
Adima: adima(at)
Sudeva: sudeva(at)

2. Have the Computer on at the time of your appointment
Open Skype | Sound ON | Camera ON - we call you.

You will receive the price list for your country when asking for an appointment
Payment is in advance through PayPal or bank transfer (Australia and EUR countries)


No dates at the moment

Email Support

Sometimes people prefer support in writing to a Skype consultation. When you send us your question/issue and we feel able to support you sufficiently by email, we are happy to do that.
For complex email support we ask for a monetary balance which compares to the balance for Skype consultation. Please ask for the price list of your country to get an orientation.

All contacting emails and exchanges which are reasonably 'short' are for free.
For our session clients and group participants email support is generally included during and after participating with us.




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