On my path a shift happened from imagining, and making efforts towards how I should be, to discovering who and how I truly am. I love to support that discovery in you.

My invitation is to shift from the mind to the heart, from speculating to experiencing, from following a story in time to living in the middle of this moment - free of the glue with the story.
I enjoy being in the middle of the moment, paying attention to how life is as me, as you and as everything around us, always changing and unpredictable.

Living true to the truth in daily life is my passion! I find the surprises of daily life and relating with others as interesting and revealing as the unfolding of the mysteries beyond the known.

There is truly no such thing as a 'spiritual life' versas a 'normal' one. The only relevant difference is whether we are aware, available and awake in the Here-and-Now or we are asleep and dream to be either 'spiritual' or 'normal' or anything else ...
Living true to the truth is not about "instead-solutions", like enlightenment instead of how we are. It's rather about discovering the light, the truth which is already and intrinsic within. Discovering that Truth actually does not come and go, in spite of and including our programmed shortcomings. 

Sharing truth as friends is my invitation. It's a challenge to heart and mind. It requires equality without same-making, wisdom of discernment and authentic openness. That sounds almost like some kind of complicated effort, which it would be when we try to DO it. When we relax and simply open it becomes natural to be friendly and closer than close with each other. 

I understand my job to be a kind of consciousness tour-guide for the time you happen to choose my company on your path. Since many years I am touched by what people share with me. It is often inspiring, sometimes humbling and always a heart warming reflection of my own being.

With gratitude I welcome you to the beauty of living in this moment.
Let's enjoy the dance of life!
In love


Life Story





Spiritual Teacher
Intuitive Healer
Therapist for Body and Mind

Dancer, Choreographer

Since 1992
Body- and Energy Work
Meditation Teacher
Spiritual Therapy

Since 2003
Spiritual Teacher
Educational Trainings
Author (mainly in German)

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